Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

With the passage of time, cloud computing is evolving and companies of all shapes and sizes are adapting to this technology. This is because it has taken its place as one of the essentials of running a business and the experts believe that its importance is only going to rise. However, there are shortcomings to cloud computing too and they are mostly experienced by startups.

Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of NJ cloud computing for different kinds of businesses:


Cost Effective

The traditional desktop software cost a lot when it comes to maintaining and upgrading them. Even the license fee for multiple users can hike up to a significant amount. On the other hand, there are no extreme costs involved for cloud computing and the overall IT expenses of the company are reduced because of it. Also, there is a one-time payment and pay-as-you-go options available causing the company to control the expenses and customize the package according to their needs.

Unlimited Storage

The capacity of the cloud is almost unlimited allowing you to store a tremendous amount of data. There is no stress of running out of storage space or increasing the capacity which is available.

Backup and Recovery

As compared to a physical device, storing the data on the cloud is a much easier job. The cloud companies are competent enough and have the resources to recover the data even if a situation occurs making the recovery process rather simple.

Accessing The Information Easily

After registering yourself with the cloud, you can access the information easily from any part of the world and at any time as long as you have an internet connection. This convenient feature lets you function without having to worry about the time and geographic limitations.

Quick Deployment

In a matter of a few minutes, your entire system can become functional because deployment is very quick and easy in cloud computing. Although it is the kind of technology which actually determines the total time taken by a business to enter cloud computing.


Technical Issues

The technology is always vulnerable to technical issues and outages and this might result in problems in accessing information from the cloud. Even the top-notch companies can run into such troubles despite maintaining all the standards of quality and having the latest technology.


You must be aware that you are surrendering all the sensitive information of your company to a third party which will be accessing the cloud. This can prove to be a great threat to the security of the data and may put your company at a huge risk. Thus, you must make sure that you are choosing an absolutely reliable cloud provider to carry out the job for you so that nothing happens to all the sensitive data.

Although there are certain drawbacks of cloud computing, they don’t undermine its importance and can be tended to. This technology is essential for your business to move forward.


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